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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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KATE - 3469C - Now Adopted

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Breed:Sharpei Cross


Year of Birth:2014

Arrival Date: 22/07/2015

Kate, believed to be about 9 months on arrival, was found with 3468 Diana who we believe to be her mother and 3469B George who we believe to be her brother.

Kate was a little more nervous than her brother and spent more time curled up next to Diana. She is clearly not used to being on a lead nor has she experienced much of the outside world. She is however a sweet dog who trusts people and with a little more time and attention, she will become a lot more happy and confident around different situations.

Kate has become much more confident since she arrived at the shelter. She rushes to the pen gate when people are there and loves a stroke and a cuddle. She is a wonderful, undemanding dog who would make a very devoted pet.

Kate is still quite nervous outside her pen, especially when she is on the lead, so we let her loose so she can come and get strokes and cuddles when she chooses. This is working well and she is becoming much more confident.

UPDATE 04/03/2017
Kate went to a event in Sabinillas, she did very good in the car and she loved being out of the shelter. She went for a nice walk along the beach and after to a cafe, and she was not timid at all, she just loved that people wanted to cuddle her - she could not get enought! We are so proud of her.

Update 10/4-2017
Kate and her pen mates went on our Adana Walk event in Estepona, again she did very good! She took everything in her stride, and enjoyed it very much.
People were amazed how well Kate and her pen mates behaved. We are so proud of Kate!!

Contact: or 952-113-467 or 678-985-870