Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635

TANIA - 3928 - Now Adopted


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Colour:Tan and White

Height in cm:36

Year of Birth:2016

Arrival Date: 19/05/2017

Tania was found covered with ticks and fleas... poor girl!!She is about 1 1/2 years old on arrival.

When she first arrived, she was a little timid, but after just a few days, she has become much better.
Now she is very happy with people - she loves everybody and the other dogs in her pen. She is playful, very sweet and a very funny girl.

Update 1/9-2017
Tania and two of her friends went on a little trip to Estepona city today. Tania did so very good. She was not scared of the traffic, sounds or all the people. In fact she wanted to say hi to everyone.
She really is a lovely little girl.

Her weight is about 10 kg. and 36 cm in shoulder height.



Contact: or 952-113-467