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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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REGALITO - D2832 - Now Adopted

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Year of Birth:2012

Arrival Date: 03/01/2013

Please enquire about this very special chap as he is wasting his life away at the shelter!!!

Found in Cancelada in a very poor state this little, male Podenco was ravenously hungry. On arrival his coat was very dull and he was painfully thin and he had a large sore on his hip. He has been tested for Leishmania and Erlichia and both results were negative. As you can see he now looks really well. He is a very friendly boy who can be a bit of a wimp at times (he cries easily!) so I guess I should say 'he is sensitive'! A lovely young pup with a sensitive nature. He has blossomed into a well balanced dog with a friendly, affectionate personality. He loves to get out for walks and would make a great pet for someone.

Regalito is a confident boy who's always at the gate of his pen waiting for a walk or a stroke. He walks well on the lead and likes to explore. He is a very handsome Podenco who definitely lacks the usual Podenco shyness. He is very affectionate and friendly and would make someone a very loyal companion. He also gets on very well with other dogs.

March 2016:
Regalito went on the march through Estepona and really enjoyed himself. He was perfectly behaved in the back of the car and we didn't hear a sound from him. He was also impeccably behaved on the march. He is a dog that, when he has a connection with someone, would do absolutely anything for them. A real sweetheart!

November 2016:
Regalito went to the christmas fair in Estepona. In the beginning he was a bit nervous, with all the people and noise, but after a little while he felt better, he did really good.



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