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Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Information and Advice on Adopting a Dog

Information and Advice on Adopting a Dog


Here are some important questions to review before you make the decision to adopt a dog:
1. Are you physically and economically able to adopt and care for a dog?
2. Remember that having a dog is a long commitment, possibly 15 to 20 years. Are you ready to take on such a commitment?
3. Will the dog be left on its own all day?
4. Do you have time during the day to spend a couple of hours with your dog?
5. Will you have the patience to train your dog?
6. Do you have someone willing to care for your dog if you go on holidays or are ill?

Once you've given thought to the questions above and have decided to adopt a dog:
You can take a look at the dogs that we have available for adoption on our website prior to coming to the shelter. By doing a search on the website, you can narrow down the list and find the type, size, age and sex of the dogs that you're interested in. You can then either contact the shelter by telephone or email and tell them the dog(s) you'd like to see or come directly to the shelter with the list. It may be better to make contact by telephone or email first as some of our dogs are in foster homes and not at the shelter. After speaking with you the adoption team will be able to determine the dog that is the best match for you.

Adoption cost, vaccinations and neutering:
A donation of €150 is required for all dogs, including puppies, to cover the cost of microchip, vaccinations and neutering.
The adoption fee covers the following:
* EU Passport
* Vaccinations including the two mandatory (in Andalucía) Rabies injections
* Microchip
* Worming
* Castration/Sterilization (Puppies should be returned to ADANA at the appropriate age, for neutering)

We reserve the right to deny the adoption of an animal.

The new owner must undertake to cherish and care for the new pet, and ADANA may request access to the animal to be able to check its condition, usually within 6 months of adoption. If the animal is found to be improperly treated, then ADANA would insist on its return.

We do not receive any type of government or local authority funding to help the animals and we operate purely on donations, membership fees, fundraising events and sales at our charity shop and online shop.