Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Sam Hall Entertains - 15 Apr

Sam Hall and friendsSam Hall and friends
Sam Hall y amigas
Veteran ITN war corresponded Sam Hall gave an interesting, amusing and informative talk to a packed room at the Estepona Palacio on 15 April 2013.

The evening raised over 500 euros for ADANA.

Thanks to Sonia and Hermione Longman for organizing the talk and thanks too to Sam.

Valentine's Day Lunch - 14 Feb

Valentine's Day Lunch in the Plaza Manilva, outside Longmans Bookshop starting at 1.30pm.

Tickets will be 10 euros and will include a glass of wine or soft drink with pork hotpot, salad, ice-cream with chocolate sauce. Tel: 952 800 975.

ADANA Christmas Fair - 25 Nov

Another successful fair for ADANA

ADANA held its annual Christmas Fair at the Estepona Palacio de Congresos on Sunday, 25 November 2012.

There were over seventy stalls offering a variety of merchandise, much with a Christmas theme. Particularly successful were the ADANA Christmas cards with photos of ADANA dogs by the internationally-renowned animal and landscape photographer Geoff Simpson, who has offered his services to prepare a range of other exclusive merchandise such as calendars, all featuring dogs in the ADANA kennels in Parque de los Pedregales.


The Story of Al-Andalus - 22 Oct

Michael Barry, well-known local author and historian, gave an illustrated talk to a packed audience at the Estepona Palacio on the history of the Islamic presence in Al Andalus.

The event, which was chaired by ADANA Vice-President Mary Page, raised over 500 euros for ADANA and Michael generously donated five of his books to be sold at a discounted price, proceeds also to go to our animal shelter.

The talk was very much enjoyed and those present were able to enjoy a drink and tapas and talk to Michael afterwards.

It is hoped that many similar events of a cultural nature could be organised in future...anyone with ideas for musical, historical or literary events should contact ADANA on 667-234-592.

Thanks to all who helped organise the event with special thanks to Sonia and Hermione Longman.

Gypsy Night - 22 July 2012

The summer dinner party in a private garden in Estepona was well attended and raised over 2,000 euros for ADANA.


June paella party raises more than €500

All eyes were on the Renault Kangoo as a steaming hot paella, one metre in diameter, was slid out and carried into Plaza Manilva outside Longman's Bookshop in Estepona and placed on long table. At once, some sixty people jumped to their feet and rushed forward to be served. It was the annual paella party in aid of ADANA , made by volunteers of the local Alzheimer's Association and paid for by MaPepa, well known helper in the ADANA shop.

What a delicious paella it was, too! Africa, assisted by Maruja and Victoria, had been up since 7.00 in the morning to prepare the freshest of ingredients and, most important, make a rich stock from some of the prawns so that every grain of rice absorbed the flavour. While the paella began to cook on the vast ring, they prepared a wonderful green salad with a generous addition of tuna and olives.


ADANA Dog Show - 13 May 2012

Dog Show Breaks All Records

In spite of warm sunshine, other public events taking place in Estepona and the worsening economic climate, ADANA’s annual dog show, held in the Estepona Palacio, thanks to the Ayuntamiento of Estepona, broke all records for both attendance and entries to the various competitions and most importantly, money raised to help care for the large number of dogs looked after at the ADANA Perrera in the Parque de los Pedregales.


Guadalmina Charity Bridge Day

Our thanks go to Trisha Mansfield and the Guadalmina Charity Bridge Day which took place on 4 March 2012 and which raised €940, plus €79.56 from the Marbella Bridge Club hucha. A separate auction on 8 March 2012 of golf green fees and other items was held which raised a further €605, a grand total of €1,624.56.

The fundraising events were masterminded by Trisha Mansfield who organizes the café/bar at the Dog show/Christmas Fair/Jazz concert and supported by many volunteers who folded raffle tickets, poured champagne and made sandwiches and cakes for the 40 bridge players who supported the event. There were many generous donations of prizes for the competition and the raffle and all the items auctioned were also donated.

Thanks to all involved in raising this impressive sum from all at ADANA, both human and canine!!

Big Band Concert - 24 Mar 2012

On 24th March The King's Bruton Big Band gave a concert for ADANA in Estepona. It seems no matter how hard we try we always end up with multiple clashes and this was no exception. We had The Sound of Music - The International Theatre Studio's latest offering - and an inordinate number of birthday parties on the same night but we managed a reasonable crowd.

The band is amazing. Composed of school students between the ages of 14 and 18 they show a poise and professionalism much beyond their years. Four vocalists and a band of 20 players soon had the audience on their feet and dancing to the sounds of Duke Ellington and Glenn Miller.