Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Estepona Councillor Eva Rodriguez visits our perrera

The ADANA perrera is owned by Estepona Town Council, who kindly provide it rent-free and in addition have carried out important improvements. The ADANA Team were delighted to receive a visit from Estepona PSOE Councillor and member of the Malaga Provincial Council Eva Rodriguez, who was shown around the kennels by President Mary Page and other Board members.


Getting ready for winter

In our last newsletter we explained that Reg, Pete and the ADANA Maintenance Task Force were busy preparing the kennels for winter. Work has now been completed on one side of the outside pens and plans are in hand to erect plastic sheeting on the north facing side to fend off the cold winter winds and rain.


Meeting with councillor results in important agreement

President Mary Page and Treasurer Reg Winkworth met with Estepona Councillor Susana Casano in her office in Calle Villa to talk about future collaboration between the Estepona Ayuntamiento and ADANA.

Susana, who is responsible for oversight of voluntary organisations in the town and who has been a very good friend to ADANA in the past, said she was pleased to see that Mary was once again involved with ADANA and said that the Ayuntamiento was as always willing to do all it could to improve conditions at our perrera.


Twelve day-old puppies dumped at the shelter

Workers at ADANA are used to sad sights but having two litters of new-born pups dumped overnight at the shelter gates was too much even for them.

The two litters, both without mothers to feed them, were dumped in identical fertiliser bags, after the shelter had closed for the night.


Fosterers needed

Could you be a foster Mum or Dad to one of our boys or girls? ADANA often needs short or medium- term homes for dogs for a variety of reasons, such as recovering from an operation or just a little 'respite' care. If you are interested, ring 952113467 and ask to speak to Viktor

Getting ready for cold weather

Winter draws on...and ADANA Maintenance Team Reg and Pete are busy preparing our kennels so our dogs can be draught free and comfortable in their pens. Reg and Pete have plans to provide five more isolation pens as well as seeing to the routine maintenance tasks that always need doing.

World Animal Day - October 2016

Local children collect for local dogs

Every year ADANA is out in force on World Animal Day, collecting money to help in their work of caring for and rehoming abandoned dogs. This year ADANA Organiser Susan Brown was helped by a large number of students from the Laude School, San Pedro, with their teachers, Mr and Mrs Chris Litchfield.


ADANA to the rescue

A family of holiday makers from Madrid were distraught when their beloved pet dog escaped and could not be found whilst they enjoyed a stroll around Manilva last week. Luckily the bewildered dog was found by ADANA Volunteer Chris Johnson who took the little dog to the ADANA kennels where it was fed, given water and provided with a comfortable bed for the night.


A sad story with a happy ending

ADANA Board members Reg Winkworth and Peter Roberts were dismayed to find on arriving at the ADANA kennels that in the night a dog had been thrown over the high fence surrounding the shelter. The dog had sustained several injuries including a broken femur and was, unsurprisingly traumatised. Reg and Peter immediately contacted the Vet Team at Clinica Veterinaria, Estepona, and although it was a Feria, agreed to come in to work to treat the poor dog, by now given the name Foxy. The Vet Team agreed to donate their services and reduce the fee which would normally have been around 600 euros to 300 euros to cover overheads.