Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635


Manilva Dog Walk

Newly elected ADANA Treasurer Reg Winkworth talks money - it's his job. But Reg walks the walk too...with fellow ADANA Maintenance Team member Peter Roberts and friends he organised a mass evening dog walk in early August from Castillo to Manilva and back. The dogs enjoyed the exercise as did the humans and a total of 284 euros was raised for ADANA.


A message from our new President

"It's a great honour to have been voted back on the Board, this time as President. Thank you all for your vote of confidence. Our new team has to build on the excellent work of the previous Board and this we have already started to do. We plan to make a few changes at the shelter, longer opening hours, completion of works needed to obtain the all-important Nucleo Zoologico and we have plans for the Sanctuary land.

"We intend to restart the quarterly open members' meetings , the first to take place on Wednesday the 28th September at the Padre Manuel Centre, from 7p.m. to 8.30 p.m. The topic for discussion will be the running of the ADANA Shelter. Anyone interested in the work of ADANA will be welcomed. We need your views and input.


New ADANA Board with some 'old' faces

ADANA celebrated its twenty-sixth Annual General Meeting at the Pedro Munoz Sports Centre on 21 July.


June's Superdog - Isabella

"Isabella is almost 7 years old and was adopted from ADANA in 2010. She has recently been returned to the shelter through no fault of her own.

"Although I had met her in her pen many times I got to know her better after attending 2 events with her. I took her in my car to the ADANA dog show - I opened the boot and she happily jumped in. I was amazed at how agile she is. She traveled in the boot with one of her pen mates, Whitey. They were both as good as gold, not a peep out of either on the journey there or back. Her behaviour was impeccable at the show and she thoroughly enjoyed her complimentary groom.


Our annual visit to Calpe School

As in previous years, we were invited to visit Calpe school in San Pedro, to meet the children and chat to them about the work of ADANA, how to look after and approach a dog. As requested we took some puppies along so that the children could put into practice all that they had learnt.


School Visits

We continue to welcome the children of various schools in Estepona to the shelter. After they walk up the mountain, Fernando does a fantastic job of showing them all (sometimes as many as 150!) around, explaining what we do and how we care for the dogs. He then expertly assembles them outside and patiently explains the importance of microchipping and castrating your pet.


Brian's Halo Jump for St.George and ADANA!

Plucky (or mad) local resident, Brian Forgie, is setting off to Tennessee in the US to fulfill a lifelong dream of carrying out a HALO parachute jump.

This technique is often employed by special forces and stands for High Altitude Low Opening and involves leaving the aircraft at a high altitude, in this case around 9.5 kms and freefalling for some two and a half minutes before opening the 'chute.


End of the 100 Club

Despite our best efforts the 100 club has not been a successful scheme and therefore we have made the decision to discontinue it with immediate effect.

Please find below a list of winners from the December draw through to the last draw which took place at the end of April. (A full list of winners can be found here.)
December 2015 - No 20 Andrey Dennemark
January 2016 - No 27 Bill Fisher
February 2016 - No 6 Maria Cawsey
March 2016 - No 50 Emma Domaille
April 2016 - No 8 Sharon Peterson


May's SuperDog - Honey

Honey really needs to get out of here!

Honey is an absolutely fabulous dog who is struggling at the shelter and needs to get a home as soon as possible. She is always at the pen gate hoping someone will get her out and pay her some attention. She enjoys human interaction, whether it's walks, cuddles or grooming. However, the lack of stimulation at the shelter has resulted in her comfort eating and she has doubled in size in the year she has been there.