Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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End of the 100 Club

Despite our best efforts the 100 club has not been a successful scheme and therefore we have made the decision to discontinue it with immediate effect.

Please find below a list of winners from the December draw through to the last draw which took place at the end of April. (A full list of winners can be found here.)
December 2015 - No 20 Andrey Dennemark
January 2016 - No 27 Bill Fisher
February 2016 - No 6 Maria Cawsey
March 2016 - No 50 Emma Domaille
April 2016 - No 8 Sharon Peterson


May's SuperDog - Honey

Honey really needs to get out of here!

Honey is an absolutely fabulous dog who is struggling at the shelter and needs to get a home as soon as possible. She is always at the pen gate hoping someone will get her out and pay her some attention. She enjoys human interaction, whether it's walks, cuddles or grooming. However, the lack of stimulation at the shelter has resulted in her comfort eating and she has doubled in size in the year she has been there.


Marie Harper

Marie Harper sadly passed away (March 2016) after a long battle with cancer. Marie was a dedicated animal lover and great ADANA supporter for many years. She collected money in Estepona port, cleaned at the shelter and helped with events, even after moving back to the UK she never stopped raising money and supporting us.

We send our heartfelt condolences to all Marie's family and friends.

April's SuperDog - Whitey

"Hello my name is Whitey or Banquita for my Spanish friends. I am a white Podenco with coffee coloured patches. My ears are typical of my breed and make me look dignified and unique. My pink and white nose makes me a very cute dog. Let's not talk anymore about my looks but what really matters: my character.

"I am really quiet and my first objective when a human comes into my pen, is to get up close for cuddles. I love it when they sit down with me so that I can tell them my secrets and ask them please to give me an opportunity.


Introducing 'The Van'

ADANA’s old van was no longer roadworthy and desperately needed replacing. As ADANA relies solely on donations, replacing the van was going to be a big undertaking.

Michele Yanez-Bowker, ADANA’s President, put out a plea on Facebook asking if anyone knew of a suitable van at a good price. Fortunately for ADANA, the dog-loving Owner of Porsche Sportswagen Marbella, Michael Martens, saw the appeal for help and called ADANA straight away.


This Month's Super Dog - Nero

Nero is our longest serving resident at the shelter and we have absolutely no idea why. He is a small Labrador cross and was dumped in the outside cage at the shelter in the pouring rain when he was about 3 years old and has now been with us for 5 years.

He is a super dog who appears to have no issues and would fit into any home very easily. As a privilege for being an old timer we have been letting him out loose when we are at the shelter. His favourite spot is a cushion in the office right next to the treats. Failing that he will get into any car or van he can find - he is happy in the front seat or the back, he doesn't mind as long as there's a hope he may be going home with someone. He's not really fussy who takes him home either - he loves everyone!


Warning for dog owners

There have been reports in recent weeks of several incidents of dogs being poisoned in an area ranging from El Padron Estepona, La Quinta, Benahavis to San Pedro.

These incidents together with the processionary caterpillars that, due to the mild climate, are already about, mean that we must be extra vigilant when out walking with our pets.


Extendable leads - yes or no?

Of course we are all entitled to our own opinions and we all have good and bad experiences in our lives. Here one of our supporters would like to share with you her and her dog's story of their experience when using an extendable lead. When choosing equipment and toys for your pet do some research, listen to advice from others and this will help you to make an informed and hopefully right choice for you and your dog.

Bobby’s Story

"I cannot remember why I was found wandering around the restaurant area in Aloha, Nueva Andalucía that famous day, I was only about four months old, and had been there for a couple of days, some nice people gave me food, others, not so nice, were, well, NOT very nice to me!!

"Anyway, I saw two nice looking chaps walking into a place with a large green false lawn (I subsequently found out it was a BOWLS CLUB), and I just sort of followed them in. At the bar was a blonde lady with her blond brother and French partner...she looked kinda nice, so I sort of went up to her. She bent down, and stroked me and, well, that was it. She invited me home to her house, sat me on a towel, gave me lots of food, and let me sleep in the kitchen – and called me BOBBY, whatever that means!!


Fund raising 2016

The annual planning meeting of the Fund raising group, normally held in October was finally held in January. A fantastic turn out heard Jayne recap on the many successful events held last year before discussions turned to this years events.