Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635


Volunteer vacancies

ADANA Shop - Estepona
We are looking for volunteers at our Charity Shop.
* Hours of work would be between 10-2 Monday to Saturday.
* Duties to include, receiving and sorting donations, ironing, merchandising and assisting customers.
* Some Spanish language would be helpful.


Online shop co-ordinator
We are looking for a volunteer to co-ordinate our online Facebook shop.

The role consists of:


Shelter works - pen renovations

Pen 15: before
Creating a safer environment for ADANA dogs

"For the past year, Peter Roberts and myself, with a small but ever growing group of volunteers, and in conjunction with the Manager, have set ourselves the task of improving some of the structural problems of the shelter.


World Animal Day 2015

Once again, in celebration of World Animal Day which each year, falls on October 4th, Adana took to the streets, well the doors of Carrefour to be precise! To raise awareness of the plight of abandoned and stray dogs, to raise the profile of our organization and of course to raise much needed funds.


Camerata Sotogrande supporting ADANA

On Friday 31st July the Camerata Sotogrande had great pleasure in handing over to three beneficiaries – Adana, Cruz Roja and Hogar Betania – the proceeds of the very successful Summer By The River Concert which was sponsored by Blevins Franks and took place at the end of June.

In total the concert raised some €5,400, one third of which was presented to each charity. The Camerata Sotogrande continues to provide choir accompaniment for weddings and special events in and around Sotogrande. It is very much hoped that there will be further opportunities in the next 12 months to raise money for good causes.


Currencies 4 You supports ADANA

Need to transfer GBP to Euros?
Don't want to pay transfer fees or bank charges?
Want to support the dogs at adana? can do all of this. is supporting ADANA by donating 50% of the profit from any money exchange (minimum 500 GBP) you make.

How it works:
Firstly you will need to log onto & open a private account using the   link below.

Once your account has been registered and active, a bank transfer from a UK or Gibraltar bank if made before 13:00 can be in your Spanish bank the same day, (next day if transfer made later in the day) remember unlike banks or some other Currency companies there are no charges or transfer fees!


How to avoid losing your dog

Risk of losing your new dog is high at time of adoption!

I think everyone will agree, that most dogs like to run free. However, every time your dog escapes there is the possibility of a tragic ending.

A dog that has lived in a shelter for a long time will welcome the opportunity to run free. He/she has not settled into their new life yet and everything is strange and exciting. Some dogs will never have lived in a family environment and this can be very daunting for them.

Outside influences e.g. people, a cat, another dog, a motorbike, children etc will seem very interesting when they have been stuck in a shelter all their lives and they will naturally want to investigate and look for a way to do so.


Meet our new Volunteer Co-ordinator: Amanda Buss

Amanda Buss
Amanda will follow Johnny in this role (with his blessing) and although she will maintain regular contact with the Board, she would rather not, at this time, be a Board Member.

"Why me? Well, I spend loads of time online and at the shelter so I thought why not combine the two and set up a system where we get to know each other and find out what role we can all play.

"Why volunteers? I've lived and worked as a teacher in Estepona for 7 years and prior to moving to Spain I worked with young offenders. I've had plenty of experience working with volunteers and understand how valuable they are.


Learning about Leishmaniasis

At ADANA we have several dogs who have tested positive for Leishmaniasis and we may well have many more who are, at present asymptomatic. Hopefully reading this article will help you to understand why. As it is our aim to find homes for ALL our dogs we need prospective adopters to understand this disease and consider giving homes to some of our most needy residents. Without a doubt, Leish positive dogs will stand a better chance of recovery receiving treatment in a stable home environment rather than up at the shelter.

The chances of a dog catching Leishmaniasis in Spain is extremely high, figures suggest 30-35%, however in reality it is much higher as there are many stray and abandoned dogs with the disease.


Fit Fur Life!

We could have an entire newsletter just thanking all our supporters, members, pen and dog sponsors, 100 club participants, donators. All our volunteers who give their time, cleaning, organising, driving, phoning, collecting, fundraising etc. They all do these things quietly and regularly without asking for thanks or recognition. Indeed it would be nigh on impossible to name absolutely everybody involved in keeping ADANA running.