Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635


July special discount for dog neutering

ADANA have made an arrangement with 3 local vets to neuter both male and female dogs for a discounted price.

Anyone on benefits will receive up to 50% off the normal price, if the dog is micro-chipped to you and you have the paperwork to prove it. Everyone else can claim 15% off the normal price. All you do is mention ADANA to the participating vet.

Participating vet clinics are:
* Clinica Veterinaria Estepona - C/ Monterroso, 51-53, Estepona, Tel: 952 802 053
* Pointer Veterinary Clinic - Estepona. C/ Río Padrón Alto, Estepona, Tel: 952 80 41 65
* Clínica Veterinaria Puerto Alto Urb Puerto Alto C/del Naranjo, Bloque 2, Local2 Estepona, Tel: 951 977 118

Institutu Las Viñas Manilva students raise funds for ADANA

Michele with Ana and DanielleMichele with Ana & Danielle
Two school girls wanted to do something to raise funds for their favourite charity, ADANA. They especially wanted to do something to help the homeless dogs and tried hard to think of ways to raise some funds to help the charity. Their names are Ana and Danielle and they attend the IES School in Manilva. They decided to be creative and they made flowers and hearts from sweets, to sell at their school on Valentine's Day.


Calpe School raises funds again for ADANA

Hayley and Michele at CalpeHayley & Michele with 2 students
Board members Michele Yanez-Bowker and Hayley Garratt-Day were back to Calpe School on 30 April to meet with the students and pick up a cheque for €355 which was raised by holding a "No Uniform" day.

The students also collected old garments for the shelter and good but outgrown clothes and toys for the ADANA Charity Shop. They also presented Michele and Hayley with colourings of dog pictures.


Pet 'selfies' help prevent disease

Pet selfie ADANA has over one hundred and fifty dogs in its shelter all awaiting new 'forever' homes. Like all dogs they are vulnerable to diseases carried by tics and fleas.

Flea and tick treatments are costly and ADANA is always on the lookout for new and novel ways of catching the public's attention and raising funds. So when ADANA decided to raise money for the treatments, Board member Michele Yanez–Bowker came up with a novel and topical solution.


Longman's to close

Sonia LongmanSonia Longman
It's a well-known old saying that all good things must inevitably come to an end. It is with much sadness we have learned that a great Estepona institution, Longman's Bookshop in Plaza Manilva, will be closing its doors at the end of April. After 34 years the time has come to take a long deferred retirement.


Convenio - Progress at last

ADANA President, accompanied by Board member Michele Yanez-Bowker and Kennel Administrator Helen Ellis, attended a meeting with Estepona Deputy Mayor Ana Velasco and Councillor Susana Casano where they were handed a draft agreement with proposals to be considered for the future Convenio.

These proposals will be considered and fully discussed by the Board and there will be more meetings and discussion before an agreement is reached which can be put to members. When this point is reached, a Special Members' Meeting will be called where members will have the opportunity to debate and vote on them.

Photo Competition Winners

The winners of the Christmas Photo Competition are:

Orwell the cat - he and his owner Patricia are some of our international members. They live in Calgary, Alberta,Canada!


Rosy (ex ADANA) wearing her christmas hat.

We thank all the people who took part.

Catherine Mellen

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death on Feb 14th of Dr Catherine Mellen, in hospital in Scotland. Many ADANA supporters will remember her when she was President during the very difficult early days. The kennels were up at the slaughter house where facilities were almost zero and dog and cat admissions were rising fast. Practical to the end Catherine and her partner, Rose Marie, donned work clothes and set to with shovels and barrows of cement to create pens and exercise runs. Her medical knowledge as a retired consultant anaesthetist was of invaluable help with operations and after care.

Those of us on her committee at the time well remember the swift efficiency of the meetings which she conducted with a bell, limiting us to how long we could speak. At the end Rose Marie would appear with a platter of delicious egg sandwiches and a drink! Catherine was a strict President but the kindest person you could ever meet and a devoted animal lover.

ADANA sends deepest sympathy to Rose Marie.

ADANA AGM - 29 April

The ADANA Annual General Meeting took place on 29 April 2014 at the Polideportivo del Carmen. Due to the change of date and venue from 9 April at the Estadio Municipal Francisco Muñoz Pérez to 29 April at the Polideportivo del Carmen, the ADANA AGM was attended by only 19 of our 144 members (with 7 members sending their apologies).

Notable in the meeting was a changeover of Board Members:
Michele Yanez-Bowker took over from Mary Page as Vice President.
Jayne Fisher took over from Hayley Garratt-Day as Treasurer.
Bill Fisher took over from Jayne Fisher as Secretary.