Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
CIF: G29463635


San Pedro pupils help ADANA

ADANA President, Mary Page, is herself a former teacher and occasionally spends an hour or so at Laude School San Pedro at the invitation of Head of Sixth Form Francisco Marcos talking about her area of specialised knowledge, British politics since 1945. Her last visit however was to talk about ADANA.


ADANA dogs enjoy a day out by the sea

We are always looking for ways to find new homes for their unwanted and abandoned dogs and ADANA Volunteer Shellie Outram came up with a new idea for taking our dogs out to meet the public, to add to the opportunity people have of visiting the kennels in the Parque de los Pedregales and seeing the dogs there.


Revised rules for dogwalkers

ADANA welcomes people who want to walk our dogs. We do however insist on certain rules for the welfare and protection of our dogs and for the safety of the public.

Only designated ADANA staff and volunteers may enter the pen area. They are easily identifiable by the red ADANA Tshirt. The designated volunteer will select a dog and hand it with lead to the walker, one dog per person, adults only to handle dogs. When walked, the dog must be handed back to the designated ADANA volunteer who will put it back in the pen.

Recently, these rules have been ignored by a few people and dogs have been returned to the incorrect pen. As dogs are carefully selected before being assigned a pen, it is of the utmost importance that they are not placed in the 'wrong' pen. Doing so can lead to fights and injuries.


Coffee morning with ADANA dogs and volunteers

ADANA is always looking to find new ways of getting forever homes for our dogs so we were thrilled to hear of a new idea from Volunteer Shellie Outram. Shellie and her team of helpers will be taking selected ADANA dogs to a coffee morning at Fathoms Bar Sabinillas the first Friday of each month from 11.30 to 1.00pm starting Friday 3rd February.

Come and meet the ADANA Volunteer Team with their furry friends.

Help for Estepona cat group

Sadly, ADANA has for many years had no facilities at our perrera to acommodate cats. We do not therefore have a cat section on our website.

This does not however mean that we are not willing to give whatever assistance we can to our local cat group, Asociación Gatos y Amigos. This group is currently led by Laura who can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will be happy to hear from anyone who wishes to help.

Keeping our dogs warm and snug

As we are all well aware, this month has seen some exceptionally cold days and nights. Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous, Reg our Treasurer was able to purchase over forty insulated 'igloo' kennels.

Together with warm blankets donated by ADANA supporters, these kept our dogs, especially the pups, warm and snug on the cold winter nights when temperatures at the shelter fell below zero.

Kat gives life to new-born pups

ADANA volunteer Kat White discovered via Facebook that seven puppies not more than a day old had been found dumped in a bin. She decided to offer to take charge of the poor pups which needed much care and hand feeding, just as well as they were very weak and near to death.


ADANA will be self-reliant for electricity

Treasurer Reg Winkworth not only looks after our money, he is also a qualified electrician with building and plumbing expertise, having for many years run his own Manilva-based maintenance company.


A new year's message from ADANA's President, Mary Page

When I 'retired' from ADANA a few couple of years ago little did I expect to be back as President...but here I am and thoroughly enjoying it as I am working with a great team of fellow Board members, Maria, Reg, Lyn, Pete and Susie and our wonderful team of volunteers ...our perrera volunteers, our shop ladies and our fund raisers, Nina our Webmaster, all working together to care for our dogs.

It's been a great five months, we've achieved a lot and the best is to come.

Thank you all and a very Happy New Year from the ADANA Team and our dogs,