Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: Amaretto now Pablo

"Our beautiful boy Gilmore, also a rescue doggie, passed away in August at the age of 12. Devastated beyond words, we couldn't imagine putting ourselves through such grief again. But we had Dollie a 3 yr old Cockapoo to think of as she was getting more and more depressed with out a playmate.

"We have an apartment in Estepona so knew of Adana. We tentatively spoke about another dog and knew it would only be another rescue. So that's how we found our Pablo. We had only seen him in the site video and ever helpful Adana were very happy to answer any questions. So my Husband flew over to collect him in October and drove him back with a friend.


Happy Endings: Bill now Mickey

"On the 14th October I was scrolling on my iPad when a little face appeared on my screen. A golden Podenco called Bill, with soft brown eyes, the sweetest little ears and a scarf around his neck saying adopt me. In a heartbeat I knew I wanted this dog. So after an exchange of emails, paperwork sorted, transport arranged and a travel date set our little dog set off on his journey from southern Spain to the UK. The van arrived, he climbed out and straight into my arms. I fell in love immediately.

"We introduced him to his German Shepherd brother, Major, and his Cockapoo sister, Molly, and they accepted him into the pack and we renamed him Mickey. Within a week he was house trained and had learnt several commands. He loves his food, his bed, his toys and his treats. He also likes chewing (Dad's shoes are a favourite) and he loves bringing you things (Toys, shoes, blankets).


Anthony and Truffle

"I moved to Spain full-time just a year ago. I had hunted for what could be the perfect place. If you’ve been reading my blog you will know, definitively, that I believe I found it here in Estepona. Time will tell, but so far it has been amazing.

"I spent the first year establishing a business and a home. That done, there were still things missing. I’ve had dogs, particularly working dogs for much of my life. Time for some companionship of the canine variety. But with caution, knowing the right source. I’m so pleased I found it.


Happy Endings: Haribo

Once upon a time there was a Belgian family who moved to the South of Spain and who was looking for a furry addition - that's us: Kurt, Martine, Elise and Benjamin.

We decided to have a look on the ADANA website and soon after we paid them a visit. There he was - Haribo! One of the 7 puppies named after sweets. He was one of the tiniest in his pen, crawling under the others at the door. All were trying their very best to catch our attention.

Together with 3 other siblings we took him apart to see that he was a very lively little pup, untying our shoelaces and enjoying the cuddles. All 4 of us fell in love and we decided to take him home.

A match made in heaven! He really fits in perfectly. He likes to sleep late (in his own bed or ours), he loves to relax with the family in front of the open fire. Enjoys picnics on the beach, walking and playing. Picking up the kids from school? "Yes! but can I have my nose in the wind and open the roof please."


Happy Endings: Newky now Elsie

"Just writing to let you know how Elsie is getting on now we've had her for three months or so.

"She's a lovely little girl who loves people and gets on well with all dogs. She has lots of new friends in the village - her favourite being 'Uncle' Arthur (a Hungarian Vizler). We couldn't have wished for a dog with a better temperament.

"She's getting more and more confident - the long trip back to the UK was a little daunting but now she's here, she's loving her countryside walks and running around the garden. After a few months of practice with 're-call' we are now able to walk her off lead when on country walks - which she loves.


Happy Endings: Ninja now Nina

Ninja (Nina)

"Ok guys and girls of Adana – no handouts cus I can’t write – then nor can cats so they aren’t as clever as they think they are! If you can’t hear me at the back of the pen just bark!

"Firstly NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! Remember Sherlock? It’s what he said to me when I arrived. He’d been at Adana for long a time but knew there was a human out there who would love him one day – it was just a matter of time! I never forgot those words, they would prove to be my salvation. He always made me laugh did our Sherlock, going for a ‘little walk’ occasionally just to wind up the humans for fun!