Asociación por los Derechos de Animales Abandonados
Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals
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Success Stories

Happy Endings: Liddie and Dino

Betty and Louise - Mother (lives in Yorkshire) and Daughter (lives in London) in the UK have both adopted rescue dogs from ADANA. Louise adopted Liddie in August 2014. Liddie has become a great ambassador for ADANA showing how rewarding adoption of a rescue dog from ADANA can be and no doubt as a result Betty has now recently adopted Dino in February 2016.

Liddie had been waiting for her forever home for 3 years and 3 months when Louise (who was looking for another dog having lost her beloved Molly rescue dog aged 12yrs in November 2013) spotted Liddie on the ADANA website:
"I recall starting at 'A' in the list of names alphabetically browsing through all the dogs, all lovely dogs needing homes when I got to 'L' I saw Liddie - she looked so sad, timid and so bedraggled I scrolled on but returned to her photo and read her story which was a sad one likes many others before her and since, she was found abandoned on the street rescued by ADANA cared for and loved by the staff and volunteers but had been there such a long time she was an older dog - her chances for adoption were diminishing as time went by but somehow for me it was love at first sight - you can't explain how that happens. I called ADANA the next day. Helen who answered the phone sounded surprised saying what made you pick her and I answered honestly saying I didn't really know - it was just something I still can't explain. Anyway she arrived at her forever home in a London suburb on 22nd August 2014.

"She is gentle, sweet, very relaxed. She was amazingly bright and training her was so easy, she runs extremely fast and her favorite past time is spotting and chasing squirrels in the woods. She is quiet but occasionally bossy when she wants you to continue stroking her or when she decides her brother Bentley is being too excited.

"She unfortunately unbeknown to ADANA or me had Leishmanosis which didn't show itself until April 2015. I thought I'd mention this because after diagnosis and a few weeks of injections and a long course of tablets she has made a healthy recovery. It is fate because had I known prior to transport I may just have changed my mind and I'm so happy I didn't because we can't imagine life without her. She is going a little grey now and maybe older than we think but it hasn't slowed her down, she tends to look a little sullen in her photo's but this isn't how she feels I'm sure. I believe she would describe herself as content."

Dino is a different story entirely:
He was handed in at ADANA by his owner, who for some inexplicable reason after 7 years decided they no longer wanted him. He was petrified and a foster home with Gemma Harris was found. Betty, Louise's mum, was a member of the ADANA Facebook Group since Louise told her about ADANA following Liddie's adoption. Betty had lost her beloved little dogs Suzie & Chloe to old age some time ago when she saw Dino's photo within hours of it being posted, she fell in love with his cute face and big ears and thought he sounded perfect for what she knew she could offer him. The process for his swift adoption was underway within one day of him being handed in and all the arrangements for his adoption injections passport and transport went as smooth as clock work.

Thanks to all the fantastic staff and volunteers at ADANA and his caring foster mum, Gemma Harris, Dino was lovingly cared for prior to his trip to the UK and Betty was able to hear all about his little ways prior to him arriving at his forever home on February 29th 2016. Two hours after his arrival in the early hours of the morning he decided to make himself at home when Betty went upstairs he ran on ahead of her, jumped on the bed and snuggled under the duvet and went to sleep. Luckily for Dino, Betty's other little dogs use to do exactly the same. He is a cheeky little character and loves to play ball he gets on with everyone including showing he can play gently with Betty's Great Grandson Jack age 1 year old. Dino is another well mannered and well behaved little dog who has been given a second chance in his new forever home. "I believe he would describe himself as lucky and happy."